SL Bracket PIV Individual Pack MBT 0.22

Product description:

  • Lower friction force
    • Passive slide provides a consistant low friction force
  • Round edge
    • The edges are al designed with comfortable arc-shaped, more comfort
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel MIM Technology
  • Ultra-slim profile design
    • Minimize the thickness of the brackets & provides the best patient comfort
  • Selective Torque:
    • ROTH, MBT, High - Middle - Low Torque
    • different torques for customized combination
  • Easy to open and close / unique opening direction:
    • The slot of PROTECT IV self-ligating brackets are opened by twisting the sliding lid to gingival direction. This special design makes the brackets aggregate towards the gingival side. Therefore, the height of occlusal tie-wings is lower, which avoids occlusal interference between the brackets and corresponding teeth in the opposite arch, and reduces the expulsion rate of brackets and further improves the comfort of patients.


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