Article 1: Applicability of the General Conditions
All offers and agreements and other commitments GLOBAL SMILE Ltd, hereinafter referred to as GS. And the buyer of its products, these General Terms. Deviations from these terms apply only if and insofar as these GS agreed in writing with the buyer.

Article 2: Prices
The agreed price is the price in Euros (€), this amount is indicated in the items in our store, you also get when you select an item to order the amount in euros (EUR) to see. The prices are on the website excusief VAT. Pictures and specifications are subject to change at any time, the images, set prices and specifications are not legally binding.

Article 3: Orders
After placing an order with us has passed on the purchase agreement a fact. GS reserves the right without assigning any reasons buyer to refuse orders or only to accept the condition that the shipment made under conditions determined by GS. Orders will be followed by a confirmation of GS buyer through an automatic e-mail.
Article 4: Shipping / Delivery
Unless otherwise agreed, GS provides the method of shipment and transportation of the goods at the risk of HS Quoted delivery times are never regarded as a deadline and will be respected as much as possible, but they are not binding. Exceeding a buyer delivery will never be entitled to any compensation or rescission of the contract or any other action against GS. Purchaser or a third party designated by the buyer bears the risk of the goods from the time when these goods are offered for delivery address. The receipt by the buyer or the person designated by the buyer signed the full proof of delivery. Purchaser or a third party designated by the purchaser is required upon delivery of goods to receive. Failing this, the goods are returned and stored at GS. A new shipment will include costs incurred by the buyer.

Article 5: Delivery
The products you order from us, if available, will be delivered within 12 working days. You should however note that if you ordered a product is in stock, delivery may result. If not available you will be informed by mail of the delivery.

Article 6: Payment
All online orders are payable either by VISA, BANCONTACT / MISTER CASH, Mastercard or bank transfer.

Article 7: Ownership
Of copper delivered goods remain the property of GS until buyer not complete the return, provided that under the GS agreement entered into to supply goods thus is owed as part concerning the progress of GS to the buyer because of default by the buyer to fulfill its obligations towards GS. Buyer shall, unless he was integral to the payment obligations GS has paid not entitled to the goods delivered by GS to establish a pledge, transfer, rent or in any other way another party and / or possession set.

Article 8: Guarantee
GS stands for the quality of its powers to the best of its ability goods and / or services, except that the warranty beyond the warranty terms of the original supplier. GS does not accept liability for latent defects. The warranty period begins with the receipt of the goods by buyer or buyer designated by a third.

Article 9: Return
HS accept returned goods only if and to the extent that GS conditions are returned to the GS to the address in the original packaging and in the state in which such goods to the buyer delivered the GS. Shipping costs will be borne by buyer unless otherwise agreed in writing.
Article 10: Limitation of Liability
HS or third parties that it obtains for the creation or execution of any agreement, be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from and related to the agreement, which Buyer may suffer, no matter what the cause. Buyer shall indemnify GS and its employees for claims relating to damage caused by the use of goods by HS / services. GS is not liable for costs and damages caused by act or omission of copper. Any further liability, either direct or indirect damage, costs and interest, from whatever reason, are excluded.
Article 11: Non shortcoming
If after the conclusion of the agreement by the GS can not be met, due to circumstances at the time of concluding the agreement could not reasonably foresee or to HS could not be known shall be considered to Buyer for GS as a force majeure (force majeure). GS has the right in case of force majeure to suspend its obligations. GS is also entitled to wholly or partly, or to claim that the contents of the agreement is amended to enable performance. In no event held CBC to pay any penalty or damages.

Article 12: Dissolution
If the buyer does not have obligations to GS, timely or properly comply with the buyer is legally in default and any claim that HS dependent or obtained, immediately due and payable without any formal notification is required. GS has the right to further implementation of the agreement or to suspend in whole or in part. GS is authorized at all times and then claim damages from the buyer and the goods to take back.

Article 13: Personal Registration
The data on the order form, via e-mail sent to us. Your information will be kept confidential and stored safely (on a non-internet connected system).
Article 14: Disputes
All disputes which these conditions apply will be subject to the right of parties to decisions of the President of the District Court ruling in summary proceedings, to trigger the decision of the court in the place or the district of GS or if the parties so wish, by arbitration under the rules of the Court of Dendermonde, Belgium, will be decided.

Article 15: Applicable law
For all matters in which these conditions apply only applies to Belgian law. Belgian law also applies to those who place an order from a place outside the Belgian borders. All disputes arising from or connected with an offer, agreement or undertaking to which these conditions apply or on the conditions themselves and their interpretation or execution, shall, insofar as the laws permit, definitely decided by the competent court the district of GS.

Article 16: Acceptance Conditions
By completing the order form and / or sending an order by mail accepts these Terms and accept them also that this will form part of the purchase agreement between the buyer and GS.

Article 17: Changing Conditions
GS has the right at all times this agreement and the contents of the website to change.

Article 18: Final Determination
These conditions seek a reasonable settlement of the legal relationship between GS and the buyer. As far as circumstances occur in which these terms or any provision thereof, could lead to unreasonable results, these conditions apply to the extent missing.